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Get Active and Track Your Steps with Fitbit

Fitness and healthy living goals are made achievable with the Fitbit, an activity tracker disguised as a stylish wristwatch. With sleek watch faces and modern, interchangeable band choices, there's a Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker to suit every personality.

What Does a Fitbit Do?

By providing real-time, personalized health and fitness statistics, the Fitbit allows you to become more attuned to the way your body works. Innovative sleep cycle tracking monitors your sleep patterns so you can better understand the quality and consistency of your rest. The Fitbit also allows you to gain insight into your daily activity levels with step and distance tracking features. You'll even be sent alerts when your activity level falls too low, keeping you on track for your fitness goals.

Fitbit heart rate monitoring is one of the most useful tools these activity trackers offer. The high-tech tracking system uses LED lights to measure your blood flow and provide a continuous reading of your heart rate. Knowing your resting heart rate and your cardio heart rate helps with everything from weight loss to heart health and stress management.

Bluetooth connectivity also means you can send your Fitbit smartwatch data right to your smartphone or tablet. Using certain apps, you'll be able to see all your fitness data organized into easy-to-read graphs and charts, allowing you to monitor your overall fitness statistics at a glance.

The Fitbit Family

A full range of Fitbit products exist for everyone from those with casual health interests to serious fitness enthusiasts. The Fitbit Versa comes with basic features like sleep and step trackers as well as reminders to move. It also connects to your smartphone to provide call and text notifications and calendar alerts, it features different exercise modes, and it has a 4+ day battery life.

The Fitbit Charge 3 offers additional, high-performance features like complete, multi-sport workout tracking. With the capacity to connect to your smartphone's GPS, you'll also be able to map out your walking and running routes and check pace and distance statistics. After a tough workout, use your Charge 3 to relax and enjoy a customized breathing session based on your unique heart rate data, and you won't have to worry about charging it every day thanks to the 7-day battery life.

Fitbit Accessories

Aside from being the must-have device for health and fitness tracking, the Fitbit is also stylish enough for everyday wear. Neutral black Fitbit bands are popular as they work with a variety of clothing styles. Looking for something more fun? Look for Fitbit replacement bands in bright colors like blue, plum, and fuchsia to add a pop of color to your outfit. These bands can all be adjusted to provide a snug yet comfortable fit.

Leather watch bands are another great Fitbit accessory choice. These bands give your Fitbit an ultra-sophisticated look, with color choices ranging from neutral browns to pretty pinks. Leather Fitbit accessories are soft, comfortable, and easy to care for.

Can't decide on a Fitbit band? Since the bands are so easy to replace, you don't have to! Wear your Fitbit with a modern black band one day, then switch it up with a funky colored band or elegant leather band with metal accents. By wearing your Fitbit everywhere, you'll gain a more accurate picture of your overall health.

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