Shop Timex Watches at JCPenney

When you rely on your smartphone to check the time, you run the risk of being distracted by incoming texts, social media messages, or smartphone apps. Wearing a watch not only lets you check the time quickly and efficiently, but also adds an accessory to your outfits. The Timex watch collection at JCPenney includes styles for men, women, and even kids. Look for a simple watch in a neutral color for everyday wear, or browse the watches sale selection to build up a collection of accessories to match with all of your casual and formal outfits.

There are two main types of Timex watches to choose from: strap watches and bracelet watches. Men’s strap watches come with a black or brown leather strap that's easy to adjust to your wrist size. Timepieces with a brown strap usually feature a white dial color while those with a black strap may have a black or white dial. Women’s leather watches are also available in black, brown, pink, or red. For young boys and girls, the watch strap is generally made of durable fabric in fun, kid-friendly colors and patterns. Timex bracelet watches are available in both men’s and women’s styles. They come with a stylish stainless steel watch band and black or white dials. Some bands are silver, while others are finished in black, gold, or rose gold. Gorgeous two-toned gold and silver options are also available. Stainless steel watch bands can be adjusted to fit your wrist by removing one or more of the links. The analog watch dial on a bracelet watch may feature numbers or Roman numerals.

Timex Smartwatches

While most of the watches in this collection are fashion watches, there are also several timepieces to choose from with smart features. Most Timex smartwatches can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, allowing you to track your steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. Checking these statistics can help you to meet your fitness goals. Several are also water resistant, so you can also track your steps on rainy days.