Gorgeous Bracelets Make the Perfect Statement

When it's time to accessorize, start with one of the many bracelets offered by JCPenney. We have a fabulous selection at a price that suits any budget. You'll find bangle bracelets, diamond bracelets, and everything in between.

Fashion Bracelets for Any Occasion

Show off a trendy sense of style with one of our contemporary fashion bracelets. You can take an outfit from ho-hum to sensational, simply by adding a fun cuff or bangle bracelet to your wrist.

Enjoy mixing and matching more than one fashion bracelet to create a whole new look of your own. Pair a couple of contrasting bracelets or stack stretch bracelets them from your wrist to your elbow. You can wear your bracelets however you want, as long as you have confidence and attitude.

Elevate Your Look with Fine Bracelets

JCPenney offers fine bracelets in a variety of metals, including sterling silver, rose gold, white gold, and the traditional yellow gold. Choose one that is simple when you want to exude your subtle charm. Or pick one that has enough sparkle to accentuate your effervescent personality. Our fine bracelets can be worn with evening wear or denim.

You'll find plenty of fine bracelets at JCPenney to suit any level of sophistication. These are timeless pieces that you'll want to keep in your collection for many years because they never go out of style.

Browse a Wide Variety of Women's Bracelets

Our vast selection of women's bracelets gives you quite a few options to choose from. In addition to bangles, chains, and women's link bracelets, you find charm bracelets, ankle bracelets, and more. Many of our bracelets can be personalized.

JCPenney offers bracelets with a variety of gemstones. Is citrine your birthstone? You'll find it here. Do you love amethyst and sapphires? We have that too. Our collection of gemstone bracelets gives you plenty of options to suit your taste.

Men's Bracelets for Any Look and Style

JCPenney also offers a wide range of men's bracelets. Choose from an assortment of cuffs, links, and chain bracelets. You'll even find some diamond bracelet options in our varied collection.

We Also Carry Budget-Friendly Bracelets

Regardless of the style of bracelet you're looking for, JCPenney keeps your budget in mind so you can get what you want. Whether you discover your favorite gemstone bracelet or you're ready to get that tennis bracelet you've always wanted, you don't have to worry about busting your budget.

Bracelets Are the Finishing Touch

A bracelet from JCPenney offers the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. It's easy to grab a bangle or chain bracelet and slip it on as you walk out the door. JCPenney is the place to shop for head-to-toe fashion that is affordable and stylish.

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