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Fashion Necklaces and Pendants at JCPenney

Be as bold as you like with any of the fashion statement necklaces from JCPenney. We offer a great selection of chains and pendants that will garner the right kind of attention from anyone in the room. Whether you want a silver-tone or yellow gold necklace, you'll find it here. We offer statement necklaces in all lengths, including short 13-15-inch necklaces, long 28-36-inch necklaces, and medium-length 18-inch necklaces.

Shape Your Personal Style

When you choose a statement necklace, you get to decide how to style your outfit. One way is to pick a pendant with a stone that matches or complements the other colors in what you're wearing. Another way is to dress in neutrals and let your necklace make your fashion statement. Either way is fine because it's your statement to make. In other words, your necklace lets you put forth the image you want others to see.

Bold Statement Branding

JCPenney offers a variety of your favorite brands that give you plenty of opportunities to make a bold statement. Choose one of the Monet chokers that frame your pretty face and focus other people's attention right where you want it. Or you can pick a statement necklace by Monet Jewelry, with intricate designs and creative settings to show your unique sense of style. We also have statement necklaces by Liz Claiborne, a long-time favorite brand for many women over the decades. All of them are quality pieces that you can be proud to wear.

Uniquely Yours

One of the most interesting aspects of wearing a statement necklace is that once you put it on, it becomes your signature look that no one will forget. There are so many benefits to wearing a fashion statement necklace. First of all, you draw other people's eyes up, so you can make eye contact. Second, they let your true personality shine. Are you playful? A whimsical statement necklace puts smiles on other people's faces the minute they look at you. Third, they revive a tired wardrobe that needs refreshing. Whether you're wearing black, gray, white, they add interest to any outfit. Fourth, they allow you to set the rules. Be subtle and sophisticated with a low-key piece. Or command the room with a bold pendant. And fifth, they make great conversation starters.

Affordable Quality

The statement fashion necklaces at JCPenney are designed to give you long-lasting style at a budget-friendly price. While you're looking at jewelry, check out more than one style so you can dress to fit the mood you're in. Also, pick up some earrings that take your statement to a whole new level.