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Discover Jade Fine Jewelry at JCPenney

With so many types of gemstones to wear, why stick to anything ordinary? JCPenney carries a collection of jade jewelry so you can be unique and exotic. Whatever piece you're searching for – necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings – you'll find the right item as a gift for someone special or just to bring yourself a little beauty.

Jade Gemstones are Known for Calm and Luck

Like a four-leaf clover, jade is considered to bring good luck. Maybe that's because for centuries, in Asian cultures, jade is touted as having calming and soothing properties when worn or held. Many babies are even gifted jade jewelry at birth to help bring about a prosperous, good life. And, even though jade is predominately seen in green, genuine jade (also known as jadeite or nephrite) can also be purple, red, pink, black, brown or white. Fun fact: jade is the official gem for a 12th anniversary! Perfect gift!

Jade is discovered in prehistoric caves, and because it's such a tough mineral with a smooth surface, it's often carved into weapons, tools and symbols of peace. Many animals are often depicted in jade, with elephants being the most common. Elephants in jade symbolize strength of love or luck. Other animals frequently showcased in jade are turtles, snakes and dragons. Find them predominately on pendant necklaces.

Jade Mingles Well with Other Stones and Metals

The beauty of jade alone is tremendous. Mix it with other gemstones and set in brilliant metals, and you'll be mesmerized. Cultured freshwater pearls are one of jade's best friends. A strand of alternating gemstones is striking. A 3-piece jewelry trio makes the combination an heirloom-quality jewelry set. Both sterling silver and gold really showcase the gemstone's brilliance. Added touches of either metal can enhance the jewelry and your outfit.