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The birthstone for February is amethyst, a pretty, purple gemstone. It’s a protective stone known for its many powerful properties. Browse JCPenney’s jewelry selection to find a carefully curated collection of gorgeous amethyst jewelry. Discover amethyst earrings, rings, and jewelry sets in sterling silver, gold over silver, and gold metals. Choose a ring setting or pendant that you like made from the metal you want, then explore sparkly February birthstone earrings in plenty of styles to match. We carry sterling silver settings for hoop earrings or studs, as well as rose gold or gold over silver drop earrings. With options for men, women, and children, you’re sure to find the perfect amethyst jewelry to add to your collection or to gift a loved one.

Amethyst Jewelry at Great Prices

You can choose from a great selection of pretty necklaces and pendants with amethyst gemstones here. Find heart-shaped pendants in single gemstone settings or diamond accent pendants in a plethora of styles. Style any outfit with a stunning bolo bracelet wound around your wrist. It draws attention and can also be a great conversation starter. Our Holy Cross pendant with silver metal can be a great gift for a believer. If your kid is a Disney fan, surprise her with Mickey Mouse-shaped amethyst jewelry pieces. You can assemble a set for her with stud earring and a pendant necklace. Our collection offers amethyst jewelry at affordable prices. Shop online at JCPenney today!

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