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When you're looking to add glamour to your wardrobe or find the perfect gift for an October baby in your life, explore the line of fine opal jewelry at JCPenney. Opal, the October birthstone, is a beautiful, opaque white gem that shimmers with every color of the rainbow. With our selection, you can wear it daily. From opal rings to necklaces, bracelets, and more, we have curated the best jewelry pieces for you to choose from. Opal necklaces make the perfect accessory for an elegant outfit. Check out our wide range of fine gold and sterling silver chain necklaces that showcase gorgeous opals in both simple settings as well as intricate designs. Pendants with ornate silver filigree and rose gold designs set with little diamonds winding around a beautiful opal add a touch of sophistication that is sure to stun.

October Birthstone Jewelry for Every Mood and Occasion

If you prefer to wear your fine jewels on your finger, check out our wide selection of opal rings that unite gorgeous lab-created opals with sparkling gemstones, from diamonds to pink sapphires. Whether you want a bold cocktail ring or a delicate flower-shaped ring for a young girl, we have the perfect piece for you. Earrings are a classy way to display your love for opals, plus they come in a variety of stylish designs. Teardrop earrings with dangling opals and gemstones come in both sterling silver settings as well as rose gold with matching gems to tie the look together. And 10K gold stud earrings adorn ears with the tiniest amount of sparkle and make a fine gift for those with newly pierced ears. Whatever type of accessory you want to give or buy for yourself, see the large collection of stunning opal jewelry at JCPenney. Shop with us today!

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