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Shop Gold Chain Necklaces for Men and Women at JCPenney

Simple chain necklaces are a fashion staple with versatile appeal, and JCPenney has an amazing selection for both men and women. A rope chain necklace is the most classic style. The close interlocking links appear to coil like a rope, resulting in a gold chain that's sturdy enough for daily wear. Look for styles made from yellow or white gold in hollow or solid constructions and choose a length from 13-inch to 36-inch styles to suit your tastes.

Another popular chain necklace style is the wheat construction. Made with unique links, a wheat chain necklace almost looks like it grew that way by itself. Choose a solid or semisolid wheat chain necklace made from white, yellow, or rose gold. Dress it up with a pendant or wear it on its own. With so many options for beautiful chain necklaces for sale at JCPenney, you are sure to find one you will love to wear every day.

Gold Chain Necklaces in a Variety of Styles and Karats

In addition to rope and wheat chain necklaces, at JCPenney you'll find a wide range of gold chain necklace styles. Necklaces made with a figaro chain have a distinctive look. Consisting of a pattern of three smaller links and then one elongated link, a figaro chain necklace has plenty of visual interest all on their own. Curb chain necklaces have links that fit together smoothly and lie flat. You can also choose a chain with chunky or delicate links, depending on your style. Other chain types include anchor, cable, and box chain necklaces, opening up countless ways to accessorize your outfit.

The chain construction isn't the only choice you have, either. Our collection of gold chain necklaces mostly contains pieces made from 10K, 14K gold, though we also offer a limited selection of 18K gold chain necklaces. Find styles for men and women in white, rose, or yellow gold – or choose a combination of those tones for a truly unique look. Whatever your choice, shop online today and save more with free shipping!

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