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Look stunning in 14K gold jewelry at JCPenney. Splurge on glittering gold chains, pendants, and beautiful hoop earrings to complement your outfits. From standout necklaces to 14K gold pendants, invest in essential jewelry pieces that are perfect for any occasion. The compelling yellow gold color looks great all year round, but you can also mix and match complementing pieces in white or rose gold. The clean lines and polished shine of 14K gold provides a modern and classic design that you’ll never want to take off. Plus, the gold-coated finish ensures a comfortable fit and looks flawless when worn as a statement jewelry piece. Accessorize with your favorite outfits to look bold and sophisticated.

Choose Our Finest 14K Gold Jewelry for Everyday Wear

Timeless everyday accessories like jewelry hold a special place in your wardrobe. The eye-catching designs and magnetic colors offer an unmatched shine to your outfits. For instance, the 14K gold pendant is versatile and looks stunning when worn as a standout piece. The elegant silhouette provides a glammed-up look when worn with other cocktail rings or bracelets. No matter your style or preference, JCPenney’s collection of gold jewelry like 14K gold chains and 14K gold necklaces will steal the show instantly. Available in multiple sizes, our jewelry sets are easy to clasp and offer a layered look to your clothing ensemble. Wether you’re looking for a new pair of earrings, a delicate chain bracelet, or beautiful pendant necklace, shop the full collection of 14K gold jewelry online at JCPenney.

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