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Store and Display Timepieces With Elegant Watch Boxes

Watches are so much more than just a means by which we keep time. They're status symbols, something we use to show off. They're also works of art. The sheer craftsmanship that goes into making a high-quality watch is unbelievable, and only a few people reach the master watchmaker level.

A watch can become a family heirloom, passed down from father to son, from mother to daughter, through grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It represents legacy and history, connecting us to our roots. Of course, if you have something this valuable, you want to protect and display it safely and in style. That's where the JCPenney collection of watch boxes comes in.

Keep, Protect, and Display Your Heirloom Watch

Whether your watch is a newer high-end timepiece, a wristwatch that belonged to your great-grandmother, or an engraved pocket watch and fob you got as a gift on a special day, you want a box that will protect your treasured timepiece from the elements, keep it secure, and display it respectfully and with style.

There are many reasons to use a watch box to show off your timepiece. Of course, the most obvious is that it's a beautiful and tasteful way to display your watch when you're not wearing it. It also protects your watch in many ways. The elements can be devastating to watches; humidity can wreak havoc on a timepiece, but a watch box can be kept climate-controlled to make sure your watch isn't damaged.

Respected Box Makers to Complement Master Watchmakers

Many of our watch boxes are made by the most respected and revered jewelry box manufacturers in the business — a perfect complement to your master-crafted timepiece. We offer watch boxes from Mele & Co, Hives and Honey, and more. Whatever you're looking for, every one of our watch boxes is designed to display your watch with elegance, panache, and style.

The JCPenney collection of watch boxes covers every style and design you can imagine, from ultramodern to classic and elegant. If your watches carry a great deal of value — sentimental or monetary — we have options with secure locks to protect them against theft. If you'd like something with a sleek leather look, we have that, too. If you want oak or cherry wood for an elegant, classic aesthetic, it's here, as well. We have hinged-lid models, drawer models, cylinder cases, and more.


If you're looking for the ideal watch box to protect your watch from theft and the elements and display it in a stylish and classy way, the JCPenney watch box collection has what you need. Check it out to find your perfect display or storage.