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485 results

Kids' Jewelry & Watches at JCPenney

Some kids enjoy adorning themselves with jewelry, especially if they often see their parents wearing it as well. Kids' jewelry is a great way to let a child personalize their outfits while even teaching them a bit about how to take care of important possessions.

At JCPenney, we carry an extensive array of boys' and girls' jewelry. Discover our collection of kids' watches, kids' earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and jewelry sets to find the perfect accessories for a special little guy or gal in your life.

Fun and Fashionable Designs Kids Love

Kids' jewelry typically comes in playful designs and bright colors, with sparkling details that are made to catch a child's attention. Children also often prefer jewelry in their favorite colors or that show their favorite cartoon characters, so consider their unique interests when choosing a piece.

Browse our selection for jewelry featuring a beloved Disney princess, their favorite Frozen character, Minnie or Mickey Mouse, and many more popular characters from kids' movies. Other great jewelry choices for kids include heart jewelry, flower jewelry, or jewelry featuring animal shapes and motifs.

Beautiful Keepsakes Crafted of Precious Metals

In addition to fun kids' jewelry that a child can use to show off their style and personality, we also carry beautiful, high-quality keepsakes that make wonderful gifts for special occasions in a child's life.

Choose from among our selection of silver, sterling silver, and 14k gold jewelry for the perfect piece to commemorate birthdays and rites of passages like baptism or communion. Cross jewelry such as a cross necklace or cross stud earrings is a wonderful choice for a religious occasion.

You can further personalize a piece of jewelry meant as a gift to commemorate a special occasion by having it engraved with a unique message or by choosing jewelry that features the child's birthstone.

Jewelry Boxes to Help Kids Stay Organized

A child who loves jewelry and has a lot of different pieces is going to need a place to store it all. Consider getting them a nice jewelry box that will encourage them to stay organized and help them keep track of all of their accessories! Jewelry boxes come with a wide range of storage options, such as small drawers, ring rolls, and necklace hooks. Some even feature handy inner mirrors to make choosing the right accessory a breeze.

Find Kids' Jewelry in Every Style at JCPenney

Our selection of jewelry for kids offers a fantastic mix of fun designs with beautiful pieces that resemble fine jewelry for adults. Whether you want to give a child a keepsake they can cherish forever or just a cute accessory for now, you'll find it all at great prices and fantastic discounts at JCPenney.