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Inexpensive Kids Watches and Jewelry

Kids tend to loose things, so what do you do when your kid’s want to wear jewelry and watches, but you’re not quite ready to invest in expensive items? Well, you get them inexpensive kids’ watches and jewelry from JCPenney. Our amazing collection allows them to wear the same cool styles mom and dad wear without the price tag. This is a great middle ground for parents and kids. You avoid breaking a sweat over your kids potentially losing or damaging expensive jewelry. Once they’ve shown how responsible they are with the inexpensive jewelry, maybe get them something a little fancier for special occasions.

From stormtroopers to Darth Vader to Yoda, we have wide selection of Star Wars watches and jewelry that your little Jedi knight will love to wear everyday. Your daughter will love keeping her family close to her heart with a gold tone personalized locket. She’ll squeal with delight when she opens up her the jewelry box to find a lovely set of Hello Kitty earrings inside of it! While we are on the subject of earrings, we have some truly stunning earring sets that work well for formal and informal wear. Shop with us for the cutest and most stylish kids watches and jewelery.

Magical Disney Jewelry & Watches for Kids

Disney has been making kids and parents smile for many decades. Your children will absolutely love our Disney jewelry and watches for kids. They can take their favorite characters with them wherever they go. A leather strap watch is the right style for a formal outfit, while a watch with a nylon or plastic strap works perfectly for casual wear and play sessions. We have watches in a plethora of colors, so get them a watch to wear every day of the week. Browse our entire collection of children's jewelry, and get your daughter matchinig earrings. Take a look at our huge selection of kids accessories, and get your kids matching wallets for their new Disney jewelry. We know whatever your pick for them they'll absolutlely adore!