Surprise the Little Boy in Your Life with Boys Watches

Every boy needs a watch to keep track of his day. With busy school schedules and sports practices, make sure your little guy is keeping track of his time in style. Boys' watches can also be helpful as your little man is learning how to tell time. He will be thrilled with his new wristwatch, picked specifically for him as he learns to tell time.

Fun and Entertaining Boys Watches for Every Style

No matter what color or style your little boy enjoys, we have the perfect watch that is sure to excite him. Does your little guy enjoy action heroes? We have the superhero watches that will allow him to keep time while following his favorite comic book character. Does your little man prefer Disney movies and characters? We have a full line of Disney boys watches too. Does your boy prefer something more traditional, like a watch that is similar to his fathers or grandfathers? Try a traditional generic Timex watch or a unique LED watch that comes in a variety of color options. Boys watches come in many colors and designs including red, blue, teal, black, and green. Your little boy won't be able to resist showing off his new, stylish watch to all his friends.

Boys Watches for Every Time Tracking Need

Finding the right boys watch for the boy in your life is easier than ever with JCPenney's large selection. We have boys watches in every style and design. Whether he enjoys a digital watch with action hero sounds or a mini hidden LED watch in a bright and exciting color, we have something for every little boy. If your little time-teller hasn't yet learned how to tell the hour hand from the minute hand, JCPenney also has many digital watches to choose from. These fully digital watches feature a large time screen, making it easier than ever to tell the time.

Boy Watches for Durability

You won't have to worry about your boy keeping his new wristwatch in good shape. All of our boys' watches are made with high quality and extremely durable materials. Some of our boys' watches are designed specifically for outdoor use and are sure to last, regardless of how active or energetic your little boy is. At JCPenney, you can find a boys watch that is both durable and stylish.

It doesn’t matter what style, color, or character is your little boys' favorite, JCPenney has a watch for him. Begin browsing our boys' watches online where you can narrow your search down by color or style. To get a closer look at the boys' watches, head into JCPenney for an even greater choice.

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