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Shop Sleek and Sophisticated Men's Jewelry at JCPenney

Fashionable jewelry for men can display confidence and an attention to detail like little else can. Add to your collection with the help of an attractive selection of accessories at JCPenney. Add some shine to your wrist with men’s watches and bracelets, capable of displaying your distinct personality with a variety of unique styles. Admit it – that watch is for more than just keeping time. They're age-old adornments that continue to evolve, adding more useful features and exciting new designs.

Shopping for a wedding band? Go beyond the traditional look. The tungsten ring continues to rise in popularity among husbands both new and old. Known for its remarkable toughness, tungsten combines a brilliant finish with a metal that's nearly impossible to scratch. Of course, a classic 10K or 14K gold wedding ring, available in yellow and white, is always a great option. You can stick with gold, or opt for sterling silver, stainless steel or titanium. You can even add a necklace or pendant to your outfit to make an extra bold statement, offered in the form of chains, design accents and a variety of religious symbols.

A Variety of Gemstones and Metal Types

As mentioned before, JCPenney carries an extensive collection of sterling silver and gold jewelry for men, as well as titanium and stainless steel for any guys looking for an alternative metal type. But we also carry more unique metals like tungsten, brass, and even cobalt. Whether you’re simply shopping for a personal piece, or looking for special occasion jewelry, you’re sure to find the perfect stoneless affectation at JCPenney. And if you’re wanting something more than plain metal, we carry an assortment of gemstone jewelry in our men’s jewelry collection. Cubic zirconia is a great, affordable stone that will make any ring or pendant shine all the brighter – but of course, we also have an extensive collection of men’s diamond jewelry if you really want to up your jewelry game. And with more colorful stones like sapphire, ruby, and garnet, you’re sure to fine the right color for any outfit.

Best Gifts for Father's Day All at One Place

When you're looking for presents for Father's Day, there's no simpler place to find everything you need for all dads, including stepfathers and fathers-in-law, than at JCPenney. From large gifts like recliners and electronics to smaller gifts that still pack a big punch, such as shoes and wallets, you'll find something to suit him and show that you care. Gift him a day of relaxation with pajamas, robes and slippers. Or, make the day an active one with athleticwear and smartwatches. Each moment will remind him that you're proud to call him "Dad".