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A Smartwatch is a Smart Investment

Not only a traditional-style watch that tells time, but also a device with similar features to a smartphone, a smartwatch is a portable way to be up to date with all your information. Not to mention, it also looks modern and stylish. Men's smartwatches from JCPenney include a variety of styles from rectangular-faced to round-faced. Choose a sporty silicone band or a classic leather band to go with all your outfits—from the workweek to the weekend. Colors include traditional black and brown with some bolder options like gray, green, red and white too.

Stay Connected with Smartwatches from JCPenney

Smartwatches for men are compatible with either Android or iOS operating systems, so you can sync your watch to your smartphone or tablet and have all your personal information right at your wrist. Connect to the Internet, run apps, make and receive calls, message and more with the smart watch. You can even pay for items directly from your wearable using Fitbit Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

JCPenney offers major brands such as Samsung Galaxy, LG, Timex IQ and Fitbit. Many watches are Bluetooth compatible and have rechargeable batteries, so they're ready to keep up with you, no matter your activity. Water resistance is another feature in a smartwatch that makes it seamless to wear. You can wash your hands, bathe or swim (usually up to 50m), without worrying about having to take off your watch.

Keep on a Healthy Track

When you're ready to exercise, take along your smartwatch to track your progress and not only motivate you to do your best, but to keep you healthy and fit. Smart watches can monitor your heart rate, ensuring your resting heart rate and beats per minute stay within optimal ranges for you and your fitness level. A built-in GPS can track your location, pace and distance, so whether you're just getting steps in at the office or trekking off on a trail, you'll be proud of your accomplishments and feel secured knowing directions along the way. During workouts, your watch can calculate how many calories you burn, floors climbed and steps taken. It's like having your own personal trainer right there with you every second. On the sedentary side, a smartwatch also monitors your sleep schedule, alerting you to the quality of your slumber, including how often you stirred or awoke. Remember: good sleep is just as important as exercise!