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Hearts are romantic and sweet symbols. Whether it's a painting hanging in a gallery or the jewelry you gift to a loved one, the heart conveys a powerful statement about love. At JCPenney, pick heart necklaces in gold and sterling silver encrusted with a variety of precious gemstones. You'll find heart necklaces for women in all shapes and sizes, including open hearts, intertwined hearts, and even half-hearts that combine to make a full heart shared between two people. Pick from our well-known brands including Ever Star, Mixit and more.

A Heart-shaped Necklace for Every Look and Occasion

You can save your heart-shaped necklace for special occasions, pairing a diamond heart with a stunning cocktail dress for a night out, or wear a gold heart locket with a simple tee and blue jeans as you run errands or hang out with friends. No matter what you're doing or where you're going, JCPenney has a heart-shaped necklace that can elevate any look – from pendants with long chains, to minimalistic charms. Check out our great selection and save today!

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