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Leggings for Juniors are Essential

We know you love leggings. And, why not? They're stretchy, comfy and universally flattering. Leggings for teens are a huge part of the day-to-day outfit. Whether they're being worn underneath a favorite tee or sweatshirt or paired as an accessory to a cute dress or skirt, leggings can be sporty or dressy. Even if you're going to exercise, workout leggings can be your support partner, encouraging your every movement. Nike, Xersion and adidas brands are there to guide you every step of the way.

Simple to Sensational

Every gal needs a pair (or three) of black leggings in her closet. These slimming beauties work with everything. But, it's also fun to mix it up with bold colors, like purple, orange or red. Or, even better—add some playful pattern to your look with paisley, floral or wild prints.

Trick the Eye with Jeggings

Jeggings, otherwise known as jean leggings, are the best invention ever! You get the look of jeans with the comfort and stretchability of leggings. Pair some ballet flats with a cropped version for a chic style. Mixit offers many variations for your liking.

So, whether your style of the day is active, casual or dressy, you can be sure that leggings will fit in and help you to stand out.

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