Easy On 

Quick functionalities like pull-on loops allow effortless dressing.

Seated Wear

High back rise for full coverage and seated comfort.

Sensory Friendly

 Tagless Clothing and flat seams minimize discomfort.

Adjustable Features

Adjustable waistbands and Hook-and-loop- leg openings provide a comfortable fit.


Shop Functional Adaptive Clothing for Men Only at JCPenney

For men with sensory, dexterity, and/or mobility needs, JCPenney offers a wide selection of adaptive clothing and accessories to encourage comfort, independence, and self-expression through stylish clothing. Shop from well-known brands like Mutual Weave, St. John's Bay, Stafford, and more to find the best adaptive clothing options. Each piece of clothing is designed with optimum comfort and easy dressing in mind, thanks to adaptive features like tagless shirts with hook + loop fasteners along the sleeves and in place of buttons, jeans with adjustable waists, and adaptive belts that will go with any outfit – just to name a few!

Discover Comfortable, Sensory-Friendly Styles

Style should never take a back seat over comfort. All our adaptive clothing line feature on-trend designs to boost your confidence. They have easy-access openings to make the morning and night routine much easier. For men who use a wheelchair, you'll find seated jeans with side openings and pull-on loops, making it easy to get ready for the day. We also carry sensory-friendly shirts and pants with flat seams to keep you comfortable and focused throughout the day. And if you're needing some new basics, we have adaptive underwear for men with hook and loop fasteners, available as boxers, briefs, and boxer briefs, as well as adaptive socks with embroidered pull-on loops. No matter what you need, our line of men's adaptive clothing promises nothing but style and functionality. Shop now and save more online!

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