Men's Cargo Shorts for Easy and Practical Style

If comfort is one of your major concerns, then cargo shorts should be seen as an absolute fashion essential. They are a funky alternative to your regular shorts and can be styled with belts and T-shirts very easily for everyday wear. JCPenney offers great prices and even better deals on cargo shorts for men from popular brands like Levi's and Lee. Find just the right shorts to suit your style among our collection.

Find your Pair of Perfect Cargo Now

Cargo shorts can suit any body type once you understand which fit works the best for you. Pick a pair that you prefer and wear it with a round neck white T-shirt. You could also pair it with sports shoes and a jacket if you desire. If you love hitting the outdoors, pick a pair of khaki cargo shorts that you find comfortable too. Once you have that picked, keep the vibe going by slipping into a pair of boots. Cargo shorts don't have to be reserved for laid-back hangouts or outdoor adventures either. We also carry more tailored styles that are great for casual Fridays at work or even lunch at sit-down restaurants.

Colors to Choose From

Men's cargo shorts come in a wide array of different colors. Regular, beige-colored shorts are still the most popular choice for their versatility and classic appeal, but they are far from your only option. Gray and navy-blue shorts are just as versatile and can be paired with tops in all sorts of colors and styles. Black-colored cargo shorts are great for the guy who prefers dark-toned outfits while a pair of brown or olive-green shorts can help round out the wardrobe.

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