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Why We Love Men's Khaki Shorts

Jeans are fantastic in most situations, but come summer, your legs probably want nothing to do with long, heavy jeans. Instead, opt for men's khaki shorts in lightweight fabrics. Add classic flat front or chino khakis to your wardrobe for a semi-formal option, or go for the cargo shorts when you want a casual look that's perfect for going on vacation.

Khaki shorts are a simple, versatile wardrobe option for men. They're a classic look that lots of people gravitate toward wearing in the spring and summer. You can pair them with flip-flops, loafers, or sneakers depending on your destination and planned activities. Khakis don't just belong to professional men. Preppy cuts look great for beach trips, while cargo khaki shorts are perfect for hiking and camping activities. In fact, the extra pockets make at least one pair of cargo shorts a must-have for everyone.

Khaki Isn't Your Only Color Option

Not a fan of that tan hue? When you shop khaki shorts, you'll see we offer more color options than the standard tan and beige. From green to navy blue to gray, you'll find khaki shorts for men in a variety of colors. Some of our favorites come with belts to add an extra pop of color or style, and to ensure they fit you the way you want them to. While you're looking, you might come across a plaid pair or two!

Get Shorts That Withstand Life

You should be able to wear a good pair of shorts through lots of wash cycles before they start to wear out. That's why we carry quality brands like St. John's Bay and Izod, so you can trust that your khaki shorts are in it for the long haul. Keep a few pairs nice for work picnics and family gatherings, which look clean and stylish with polos and button-downs. Your most comfortable pairs are perfect for everyday wear during the warm weather, whether you're working in the yard, getting ice cream with the kids, or heading out for a day trip to the beach.

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