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Summer is just around the corner, and you need a quality pair of sandals to see you through the long sunny days. With names like Puma, Champion, and more, JCPenney brings you a wide selection of men's sandals. We have slide sandals and strap sandals just waiting for you to try them on and fall in love with how comfortable they are. Putting on your sandals should be quick and easy, and it doesn’t get any easier than our selection of men's slides. Whether you’re hitting the beach, taking advantage of a casual day at the office, or just running errands, you can just slip into your slide sandals and get on with the rest of your day.

Casual Comfort at Affordable Prices

When summer rolls around, you want to stay cool and comfortable all season long. Whether you’re hiking in the back-country, enjoying a sunny day at the beach, hanging out with your friends, or just running errands after work, you need a quality pair of sandals to see you through the season. JCPenney brings you men's summer shoes built for comfort and durability. While you're at it, check out men's flip-flops that provide optimum comfort while you sink your feet in the sand. From black to white to every color in between, they pair perfectly with our collection of men's swimwear. Shop our vast selection of strap sandals, slide sandals, and other summer footwear for men of all ages.

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