Big and Tall Levi's® Make a Great Addition to Your Wardrobe

Pick out a pair of big and tall Levi's® to add to your closet! Jeans were once only worn by cowboys, miners, and farmers, but over time they developed into a worldwide phenomenon. As the popularity of jeans grew so did the number of styles. Straight, wide, bootcut, skinny, slim, and relaxed are some of the most popular cuts.Skinny jeans are one of the most popular cuts right now, and they have a snug fit through the entire length of the leg. Relaxed jeans keep their fit in the seat of the pants but fit looser in the hip and thigh. Bootcut, well, the name says it all. Bootcut jeans were made to wear with boots, so the leg of the pant gets slightly larger toward the hem. Slim fit jeans are not as loose as relaxed but not as tight as skinny. Wide legs fit the loosest. They don't take the form of your body, creating an undefinable silhouette. Out of all the jeans cuts, the most classic cut is straight leg. Straight leg jeans are cut straight from the thigh to the bottom hem, and they are one of the most flattering cuts you can buy. Look good and feel great in the assortment of cuts and colors we have. The men's department has more classically cool big and tall Levi's® for you to view.

Cool and Comfortable Big and Tall Levi's® Jeans

We have an abundant selection of big and tall Levi's® jeans for you! For over 150 years, Levi's® has supplied the world with great fitting jeans. The iconic 501 jeans are one of the world's bestselling garments.This classic fit jean looks great with everything! Get them in the original fit or shrink-to-fit styles. What makes these jeans stand out from the rest of the Levi’s line? It's their trademark button-fly! No matter which pair you choose, you can’t go wrong with either. Both styles are great additions to any wardrobe, and create a flattering looking. If you're lovin' Levi's®, check out the men’s department to see our entire selection of big and tall Levi's® jeans.

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