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Men's Nike Jackets

As the world's largest manufacturer of sports clothing, Nike has managed to utterly dominate the global fitness scene in only 50 years or so. While much of their progress has been a result of savvy marketing and sponsorship with top athletes, Nike's reputation is based on a solid foundation of well-made, fashionable products that are favored by amateur and professional athletes everywhere.

Serious Variety

When shopping for men's Nike jackets, you have a plethora of designs and cuts from which to choose. Nike prides itself on providing the perfect gear for every workout. If you're a runner, choose a compression-style track jacket that's engineered to wick away moisture while providing lightweight protection against the elements. Basketball players can select specialty outerwear with Dri-FIT panels for breathability. General fitness enthusiasts can pick from Nike's line of outdoor jackets with features such as zippered or open pockets, mock necks, and more.

Serious Comfort

Nike jackets boast athletic cuts that are form-fitting to remove perspiration from your entire torso. They're designed to allow free range of movement regardless of whether you're on a running track or a tennis court. Nike jackets will never pinch or bind, and they often feel like you're wearing a second skin — a tough insulated skin that will help you achieve all your fitness goals.

Serious Street Style

Nike men's jackets aren't just for the gym. They feature tasteful designs in bold, basic colors that are easily matched up with jeans, slacks, or shorts. Move from the court to the street with ease. Throw on a Nike jacket for your commute to work, whether you're taking the train or jogging to the office. Even if working out isn't your top priority in life, Nike jackets can offer you the comfort and protection you crave.

Serious Quality

When you choose Nike jackets, rest assured that you're making a solid investment in your wardrobe. Quality is the backbone of the Nike philosophy, and their legendary "swoosh" logo is reassurance that you've got a quality product that will last for years. Sure, there are cheaper options out there — but as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." Here at JCPenney, we're proud to feature men's Nike jackets that provide unparalleled durability and style at great prices.

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