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Shop Men's Shirt Jackets at JCPenney

Men's shirt jackets, also known as men’s shackets, are a fashionable way to stay warm throughout the year without donning a heavy parka or winter coat. They are made mostly out of flannel, canvas, or denim with or without a Sherpa lining. Shop for the best men’s shirt jackets online only from JCPenney. We carry a vast assortment of the best flannel shirt jackets, fleece shirt jackets, and hooded flannel jackets from top brands like Free Country, Smiths Workwear, and Columbia Sportswear Co. They are available in regular and big and tall sizes with different warmth factors – lightweight, midweight, and heavyweight.

Stay Cool and Cozy in Our Shirt Jackets for Men

Thanks to their versatile style, men's shirt jackets are easy to style with your daily wardrobe. We’ve got the flannel shirt jackets ideal for Fall and hooded flannel jackets that keep you warm in the winter. Likewise, there are lightweight men’s shackets for spring and summer months. They can be worn over a graphic or solid T-shirt and jeans, cargo pants, or chinos. Complete the look with branded sneakers and a smartwatch, and you will be perfect for a casual date, brunch with family, or weekend gateway with friends. Explore styles from top brands and shop in different styles. Check out JCPenney’s online curated collection of men’s shirt jackets and start shopping now!

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