Add a Men's Overcoat and Topcoat to Your Closet

Reconsider your trend jackets in favor of a men’s overcoat or men’s topcoat. These names may sound a bit old fashion but you should try adding one to your closet. While the previously mentioned jackets are perfect for casual wear, they don’t compliment dress clothes well. Wearing an overcoat or a top coat brings some refinement to your style.

An overcoat is sophisticated cold weather attire that adds wonderful flair and polish to your work wear. It’s meant to keep you warm, and it will make you look taller and leaner too. If you plan to wear it for years to come, a wool overcoat for men should be heavy, around four pounds or so. The heavier fabric increases the coats durability. Overcoats in versatile and classic colors, such as black, grey, and brown. A top coat is much lighter than an overcoat. It’s worn in the same fashion. A topcoat can be worn when the weather is cool but not cold enough for a much heavier overcoat.

Since these coats are meant to be worn over your dress clothes, they have to have the perfect fit. When shopping for one, make sure the sleeves are long enough to cover the suit sleeve and shirt cuff. There are two main lengths for men’s overcoats: ankle and knee. An ankle length coat is more traditional and a knee length coat more modern. Shop our collection of coats for men and reinvent your winter style. Complete your sartorial ensemble by checking out our men's clothing store as well!