Cargo Pants for Men

It’s time to shop for new pants and you have few requirements. They must be comfortable, stylish, functional and not made of denim. By those requirements, you’d think that’d greatly reduce your available option, but it doesn’t. Cargo pants for men fit all those requirements and more. At JCPenney you have access to a variety of colors and styles. Wear a crisp new pair of classic-fit men’s cargo pants with a nice belt, shirt and shoes and you’ll be work ready. Go for relaxed fit pants for a little extra room and pockets for roomy storage and comfort. Whatever your leisure time activity, you’re going to need a pair of pants that can withstand the toughest play. Cargos are made of sturdy material that doesn’t easily tear, and unlike denim, are made of a material that’s lightweight and flexible. Shop casual cargos with in a plethora of prints and designs, including camo. Our cargo pants for men are lightweight, flexible, and durable, but that’s not all they offer. They’re very useful as well. Most cargos come more and roomier pockets than other types of pants. This gives you all the room necessary to store all of your necessities. Keep your keys and wallet secure and on your person at all time. Keep a few snacks in your pockets for those times when hunger hits and hits hard.

Shop the JCPenney men’s department and get cargo pants for men for every occasion from the brands you love and at prices you love.