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Stripe design has been a timeless pattern in every man's closet. It suits all body shapes and never goes out of style. With JCPenney, find the latest styles in shirts with stripes. Whether vertical or horizontal stripes, you can wear a striped shirt all year long to suit any occasion. From dress shirts with fine lines to wide-striped polo shirts, we have everything to break the bland wardrobe with some interesting yet simple patterns.

Ways to Style Striped Shirts for Men

If you're confused about picking a vertical or a horizontal stripe, go for both. Men's black and white striped shirts are a great pick, ideal for both formal and casual affairs. Pair them with trousers, jeans, chinos, or shorts, and match them with the right footwear for a complete look. We also have a great collection of striped dress shirts for all your formal or special occasions. Striped tees are another wardrobe staple; they're the ultimate piece of clothing to create a perfect casual look and are super easy to pair with jeans, shorts, or trousers. To up the ante, throw on a jacket that compliments the tee. If you're heading to the beach or just lazing around by the pool, stripes make a perfect pick. The nautical association makes them the best choice for a day of relaxation by the water. Whatever you need for an instant refresh, JCPenney has got you covered. Shop now and save more online!

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