Streamline Your Style with Long Sleeve Shirts for Men

Whether you are going to a date night or an office party, create the perfect look with your favorite long-sleeve shirts and hoodies from JCPenney. Explore our extensive collection of long sleeves shirts for men at great prices while maximizing your outfit options. Having a wide variety of patterns, styles, and colors will let you create your perfect ensemble for any occasion. If you're aspiring to create a casual look, wear long-sleeve hoodies with a pair of denim jeans. Hoodies are also a perfect cozy layering option for the chilly weather.

Men's Long Sleeves Dress Shirts You'll Love

With styles from relaxed to refined, you will find plenty of men's long sleeve dress shirts to round out your wardrobe. Enhance your style statement with our modern cuts and classic design dress shirts, as well as hoodies and long sleeve T-shirts for more casual looks. Stock up your closet with the season's most exclusive functional long-sleeve white shirts from JCPenney. We also have super soft flannel shirts, wrinkle-free shirts, and button-down long sleeve shirts.

We offer a wide assortment of men's long-sleeve button-down shirts made of stretch fabric that allows you to move freely. The moisture-wicking and cooling technology of these shirts will keep you fresh and dry all day long. Our shirts also feature comfort stretch collars and adjustable cuffs for a neat and polished look. Transform your go-to style statement into a streamlined and sleek look with men's long sleeves hoodies and shirts from JCPenney.

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