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Board Shorts, Cargo Shorts and All Guys Shorts In Between

For lots of guys, shorts are not typical work wear unless you happen to work outdoors, and oftentimes not even then. But when the weather is hot, you have an opportunity to break out of your everyday suit and tie and introduce some casual shorts to your workplace. Bust out some flat-front shorts and pair it with a nice polo tee, and you’re ready to follow that meeting from the conference room all the way to the golf course. With many styles and colors to choose from, you’ll have plenty of casual wear to keep you comfortable all summer long.

Cool and Casual Cargo Shorts for Guys,/h2> Cargo shorts for guys let you carry more than just your wallet in a compact way. Whether you’re heading to an all-day outdoor festival or just a night out on the town, cargo shorts are a great way to stay cool with enough pockets to hold everything from your cellphone and charging unit to an extra bottle of water to keep you hydrated. Guys cargo shorts also look great going from work to happy hour, and with their relaxed fit, you’ll fit right in wherever you go.

For weekends and vacations, we’ve got board shorts for guys that work well whether you’re swimming and surfing or just hanging out beachside. With brands such as Ocean Current, Burnside, ZeroXposur, and Speedo, you have a wide selection of styles and fits to choose from. From the pool to the beach, pair these board shorts with a graphic tee or tank top for the ultimate in relaxation. Plus, find cool tops and accessories to finish your look at our guy’s clothing store!