Shop Men's Dress Socks at JCPenney

The foundation of any outfit begins with footwear. Check out the JCPenney collection of men's dress socks. Look for classic black styles or find socks with an argyle pattern. JCPenney even has socks from favorite brands including Stafford and socks with moisture wicking properties to keep feet dry. JCPenney has a great par of socks to suit every pair of feet, so be sure to pick a great pair of men's dress socks.

Colorful Socks

Black socks can be so boring! Show your original and fun side with colorful pattern socks from the JCPenney collection of men's dress socks. Find bright argyle pattern socks or look for ones with repeating patterns and the gold toe. Find socks in sedate blues and grays or look for louder socks in pink and green. Wearing bright socks can be your way to subtly declare your own style, and JCPenney has a great collection of colorful socks. Find a pair that suit your style best.

Crew Socks

The JCPenney collection of crew socks includes black socks and socks with patterns including stripes, patterns, or never be out of style with classic argyle socks. Find a great-fitting pair of crew socks to keep feet comfortable all day long while still looking great. Browse the JCPenney collection of men's crew socks to find ones that suit your style.

Argyle Socks

Nothing says classic style like an argyle pattern. Look for socks with an all-over argyle pattern or just a bit of pattern down the side. Argyle socks are a dress sock staple and are never out of style. Argyle socks are always fashionable and can be worn anywhere. Look through the selection of Argyle socks at JCPenney to find a pair that suits you best.

Moisture Wicking

Feet can get sweaty and hot! Wearing moisture wicking socks can help keep some of the wetness away and keep odors down. Look for fashionable socks that also function to keep feet dry. JCPenney has gold toe moisture-wicking socks in black, white, and shades of gray or blue. Keep the wetness and odor away from your feet in a pair of moisture-wicking socks from JCPenney.

Big and Tall Socks

Big feet mean big shoes and big shoes need big socks. Look for fashionable men's socks in black or colorful patterns. Argyle socks should be in every man's wardrobe, including men who wear big & tall sizes. Browse the JCPenney collection of men's big & tall sizes to find fashionable socks to outfit big feet with big style. JCPenney even has stylish socks to build your outfit from the ground up.