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Men's Tuxedo Pants

When shopping for dress pants, you have quite a few different options to choose from, including tuxedo pants. Tuxedo pants are distinguished from other types of men's formal pants by the two vertical stripes that run down along the side of both pant legs. The stripes make the wearer appear taller and, along with the waistband, they cover the seams of the pants for a cleaner, uninterrupted look. For men's tuxedo pants to complete your formal outfit, look no further than JCPenney.

Tuxedo Pants for Any Occasion

Are you looking for a prom pantsuit, an outfit to wear to homecoming, a tuxedo to wear to a wedding, or something to wear for a special Valentine's date? JCPenney has all of your bases covered with men's tuxedo pants to go with any look and dress code. We carry a wide array of traditional black tuxedo pants but, if you want to change things up a little, you'll also find tuxedo pants in dark blue among our collection.

Easy and Versatile Style

A good pair of tuxedo pants can serve you well on more than one occasion and in more than one outfit combination. The classic style pairs well with just about any tuxedo jacket. While you can always wear them with a classic black jacket for a strictly black-tie affair, you can have some fun with jackets in different colors and patterns when the dress code isn't as formal. It's easy to make more than one look with the same pair of tuxedo pants.

Choosing the Right Fit

Like other suit separates, tuxedo pants for men come in a few different fit options. Classic fit tuxedo pants sit right at the waist and have a comfortable and tailored design. As you go from regular, to slim, to super slim fit, the pants sit slightly lower and the legs are more trim and tapered.

Two other important factors to consider when it comes to pant fit are the length and the size range. Choose from regular, long, or short pants as well as between regular or big & tall sizing for a design that suits your frame. Features such as stretch fabric and an adjustable waistband can help ensure a comfortable fit.

Dress Sharp with a Formal Pant Suit from JCPenney

When you need a formal outfit for a special occasion, you can be sure that JCPenney has the styles you want. Plus, there are always great deals going on so you never have to settle for anything less than the perfect pair of men's tuxedo pants for your outfit. Consider the different design and fit options to help you choose pants that you can look good and feel confident in.