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Classic • Comfortable fit • Traditional style • Ideal for average or fuller builds


• Comfortable fit 
• Traditional style
• Ideal for average or fuller builds

Slim • Narrower, closer-cut fit • Sleek, tailored style • Ideal for average or slim builds


• Narrower, closer-cut fit
• Sleek, tailored style 
• Ideal for average or slim builds

Super Slim • Most narrow fit  • Crisp, sharp style • Ideal for lean builds

Super Slim

• Most narrow fit
• Crisp, sharp style
• Ideal for lean builds

Sport Coats Styles to wear everywhere—even the virtual office.

Sport Coats

Take your work-from-home style to a whole new level. 


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Shop Men's Suits and Separates from JCPenney

Upgrade your formal wardrobe with men's dress suits and separates from JCPenney to amp up your style and look dashingly debonair no matter where you are. Dress for success in the perfect blue suit, be super-suave in a white suit or keep things low-key but look perfectly polished in a black suit - no matter what you need, you'll find men's suits online at JCPenney.

Suit Separates and Sets That Steal the Show

Take the guesswork out of dressing up with a complete 3-piece suit set or aim for a timeless or on-trend look with show-stopping separates. Choose suit separates that match your style from Collection by Michael Strahan, JF J. Ferrar® or Claiborne. Pick classic sport coats and suit jackets by Stafford®, U.S. Polo Association or IZOD®, and check out tailored suit pants by Adolfo®, JM Haggar or Van Heusen that pair perfectly with any blazer. Shop classic fit, slim fit or big and tall suits to find exactly what you need for formal events or everyday wear.

Navy Blue Work Suits for the Office

A great suit gives you a sophisticated, distinguished look from the cubicle to the corner office. A navy blue or gray suit - including jacket, pants and vest - could be the perfect addition to your work wardrobe. Blue and gray are menswear neutrals, which means they'll work well with nearly any color dress shirts and ties (and you'll get more style miles out of a single suit by swapping out only those two items).

As you're shopping suits, remember:

  • Single-breasted suits are a fail-safe. Single-breasted suits feature one column of buttons and should make up the majority of your suit collection.
  • Double-breasted suits create a more formal, edgier look. Double-breasted suit jackets feature two parallel rows of buttons.
  • Two-button and three-button suit coats are different. In many cases, two buttons is most appropriate for workwear and semiformal events.
  • Peak lapels and notch lapels matter. Peak lapels point toward your shoulders and are flashier than notch lapels, which are simply a cutout where the collar meets the lapel roll.
  • Topcoats are the best way to protect yourself and your suit from inclement weather when you're heading to the office or a formal event.

Dress Suits for Men

Building a more formal look that's appropriate for weddings and other major life events, like prom, requires you to coordinate more components, including suit vests, pocket squares and the right dress belt.

Slick Tuxedos That Put You in a League of Your Own

Create an ultra-formal look for your next big event with a tuxedo made to fit your frame. You'll find regular and big and tall sizes that make it easy to look your best, plus all the accessories you need - including bow ties, cuff links and Oxford shoes.

Shop Men's Suits at JCPenney

Shop JCPenney's extensive selection of suits for every budget to assemble the perfect wardrobe for work and all your formal events. We have something for every style and occasion.