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Men's Sport Coats & Blazers

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Dapper Men’s Sport Coats

Men’s sport coats have a rich history in men’s wear. Sport coats were originally worn for sporting – hence the name. Men would typically wear one of these coats while hunting and the coats were constructed with a leather patch on the shoulders and elbows. The sport coat was one of the most casual jackets a man could own.

Sport coats don’t hold the same position in menswear today thanks to the development of athletic and specialty sporting clothes. They are now fantastic additions to your dress casual attire. Wear a sport coat to work with jeans and a dress shirt. It gives just the right touch of formality to jeans without making you look too stuffy. A brilliant linen sport coat in a stunning pastel color is just what the doctor ordered for Easter. A coat made from flannel will keep you nice and warm during the winter and fall. If you hate to iron or aren’t very good at it, then get yourself several crease resistant men’s sport coats.