Impress the Masses With Men's Tuxedos from JCPenney

There is nothing quite like a handsome man in a classic well-fitting tuxedo suit to stop the show, and tuxedo suits are a staple of men's formal wear. Be the best-dressed man at any occasion by wearing a classic black tux or try something a little livelier. JCPenney has a selection of men's tuxedos for sale including all the accessories to make your outfit the one that stands out most in a crowd.

Tuxedo Jackets for the Dapper Man

There is not just one style of tuxedo jacket. Tuxedo jackets can be dark or light with different fits and can pull your look together. Browse the selection of tuxedo jackets to find the one that suits your style. Look for a navy-blue or violet jacket for a subtly different look or choose one in iridescent gold to really show off. Camouflage styles have a mottled look that appears softer but still lets you shine. Look for styles in classic or slim-fit options to suit your image.

Tuxedo Pants for a Walk on the Town

A formal look needs just the right tuxedo pants to create an all-over style. Look for pleated, flat-front, or slim-fit styles to go with your jacket. Pair same-color tuxedo pants with a tuxedo jacket or ditch the jacket altogether and go for a more relaxed look. Selecting a colored jacket to wear with black pants accentuates your personal style and adds some individual flair to your unique look.

Tuxedo Shirts for a Pop of Color

Choose a white tuxedo shirt to wear under the jacket and keep the crisp, clean look. Look for classic button cuffs for simplicity or try more formal French cuffs and add your own flair with a set of classic or fun cufflinks. Try a pastel shirt to add a pop of color which breaks the monochrome look and makes your tuxedo stand out. Wearing a colored tuxedo shirt adds interest to your ensemble without being over the top. Keep the colors cool to be subtly nonconformist while still rocking your formal look.

Tuxedo Vests for a Bit of Something More

Keeping everything simple with clean lines or spicing things up by adding bright colors, tuxedo vests can finish off an outfit. A white tuxedo jacket paired with a white shirt and vest looks extremely sharp and is an unexpected choice. Similarly, an all-black ensemble can be the mysterious look you're going for. Match your vest, bow tie, and pocket square for a pulled-together look in the color of your choice to make your wedding party or group look like you belong together.