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Undershirts are the most understated garment in a man's closet, but they can't be discounted as just a layering element. They can protect you from sweat and make stiff or uncomfortable fabrics more tolerable, in addition to extending the life of your t-shirts and dress shirts. With basic colors including black, white, and gray, you'll find a match for any existing outfit. You'll also find plenty of sleeveless undershirts that'll keep you dry and comfortable all day long. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe, JCPenney has an extensive range of men's undershirts crafted with soft fabrics and offering optimum comfort all day long. Stock up on these essentials featuring different styles, including crew neck, V-neck, and tanks.

Undershirts for Men Let You Indulge in All-Day Comfort

It's time to acknowledge the true value of undershirts. They offer a basic layer underneath all your outfits. For instance, opt for a V-neck undershirt for all your dress shirts and button-down shirts. Consider a gray or white undershirt that is easily compatible with your formal wear, or choose a crew neck undershirt for all your casual tees. Alternatively, opt for sleeveless undershirts when you hit the gym. These undershirts can be combined with most of your outfits and easily go unnoticed. We also have a wide variety of thermal undershirts to combat the cold weather. Our options are crafted with soft cotton and will not restrict your movement. No matter what you need, JCPenney has all the essentials. Shop now and save more!

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