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Looking for the perfect pair of bottoms to add to your active wardrobe? Workout pants for men offer a great mix of both function and style. They are made to be lightweight and breathable, with a snug fit that still allows for flexibility and ease of motion. Designed for intense exercises, the men's workout pants available at JCPenney are tailored from top-notch materials. Find them from brands you love, including Champion, Puma, and Xersion. These athletic pants are available in an inclusive range of sizes and a variety of colors and styles.

Men’s Athletic Pants Designed for All Activities

If you are an avid jogger, love to lift weights, or play sports, we carry workout pants for men for a wide range of physical activities. Find jogger pants for men that provide superior comfort on long runs to sweatpants that can withstand intense workouts at the gym. We also have a great selection of versatile men’s yoga pants for stretches and meditation. These styles are equally good to wear when running errands or having a casual outing with friends. Our collection of gym pants for men comes in cool designs and on-trend styles. You can check out the entire collection of workout pants and gym joggers for men online at JCPenney today. While you are at it, explore our collection of workout tees and accessories as well.

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