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Satchels: Gorgeous and Versatile

Satchels are a classic bag type, and we have a fabulous selection of them by major brands in brilliant designs. The versatility that satchels provide make them an excellent addition to your purse collection. Many of our satchels are adjustable on two fronts. Not only can you adjust the drop of the longer strap, you can also remove it at your leisure. Large satchels double as a daily purse, and your go-to work bag. The great thing about these purses is that they come with a lot of storage space! Never spend another minute digging at the bottom of your bag for lipstick or a pen. Interior and exterior pockets and compartments ensure that there is a place for everything and that everything stays in its place. Shop till you drop with our large collection of satchels, and view our other fantastic purses in the handbags and accessories department.

Versatile Satchel Handbags for Every Outfit and Every Occasion

Find satchel handbags for every occasion. Our casual satchels are perfect for a day of running errands, picking up the kids, a leisurely brunch with friends, or trip to the spa. We have several satchels in fun and quirky designs. Purse can get pretty dirty, especially the ones you carry every day. The ability to clean your day to day bag when it gets dirty is important, and that’s why we have handbags made out of fabrics that need nothing more than a warm soapy cloth to clean. Many of the satchel purses we carry have adjustable straps, allowing you to manipulate the drop to your desired length. For a night out, we have the right purse for you. The formal satchels we offer have all the same features you love about a casual satchel but have a more refined design that looks great with a cocktail dress! Find the satchel handbags of your dreams and other awesome accessories in thehandbags and accessories department.

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