Improve Your Complexion and Look With Our Beauty Supplements

Eating right and exercising are direct ways to give yourself a healthy body and mind, but sometimes even this approach isn't enough. You can't exercise your hair, nails, and skin, but don't worry. Beauty supplements are specially formulated to improve your facial complexion, while also improving and strengthening your hair and nails. Just think of it as a way to expedite the process.

Get a Total, Natural Makeover for Every Aspect of Your Body

When you're searching for a way to improve your overall look and health, beauty supplements are a huge help. Most of these come in the form of tablets, pills, or water soluble powders and come directly from plants and other natural ingredients.

Nail Supplements

Tired of breaking your nails when you're doing daily tasks? Strengthen them up with a once-a-day nail supplement. Choose from either a powder or a pill that adds B-complex vitamins to your body. This specific vitamin improves cell growth, as well as the production and metabolism of fats into amino acids. Most are vegetarian or vegan and contain no artificial ingredients.

Hair & Scalp Supplements

If you suffer from fine or thinning hair, a hair and scalp supplement helps to repair the problem areas while also encouraging the growth, strength, and beauty of your hair and scalp. Perfect for all types of hair, these supplements will give you the full head of hair that you had when you were younger or that you've craved your entire life.

Sleep Supplements

Sleep is a vital aspect to your health. When you can't get a good night's rest, your energy levels and appearance suffer. Fortunately, you can use all-natural sleep supplements to get the sleep you deserve, without the side effects of over-the-counter or prescription sleeping pills. Formulated with melatonin, theanine, and velvet bean extracts, these sleep supplements reduce stress, help you fall asleep faster, and aid you in establishing a healthy sleep cycle. With any luck, you'll feel the results of these supplements in just a few days.

Digestion Supplements

You may not think of digestion as an integral part of looking your best, but it's one of the most important beauty supplements you can take. By using probiotics and other natural elements, you can reduce signs of bloating for a flatter stomach and a more comfortable day.

Get the Beauty Supplements You Need From the Brands You Love

When you need supplements that actually work, look for the names you know and trust. We stock many of these brands including Hum Nutrition, Keranique, and Perricone MD. When you're in the market for some beauty supplements, stop by your nearest JCPenney store or shop online. Then, enjoy the results.