Body Moisturizers

Rich and creamy body moisturizers feel nice on dry skin and can help fight dryness. Browse the JCPenney collection of body moisturizers for paraben-free body lotions, creams, and oils to help keep your skin feeling good. Look for fragrant moisturizers from many favorite brands to work on problem dry skin areas. Whatever sort of body moisturizer you are looking for, you'll find it at JCPenney.

Body Lotions

Shop for body lotions at JCPenney to find moisturizing body lotions and creams made to keep skin soft and smelling good. Find body lotions formulated to fight dryness or to work on uneven skin tone in the JCPenney collection of body moisturizers. Browse the selection of body moisturizers for a fragrant or unscented body lotion that suits your needs. You can be sure to find the body lotion you love at JCPenney to keep dryness away.

Body Oils

Browse the JCPenney collection of body moisturizers to find hydrating body oils that will suit your needs. Find argan oil and other body oils with added shimmer or an SPF factor. Try out unscented body oils or look for perfumed body oil in your favorite scent. Shop the JCPenney collection to find a moisturizing body oil that suits your needs and pleases your nose. You can be sure to find a body oil you love in the JCPenney collection and keep your skin hydrated.

Hand Cream

Find hydrating hand and cuticle creams at JCPenney. Look for anti-aging or skin smoothing hand creams to fight dryness on your hands. Shop for creamy moisturizing lotions with broad spectrum UV protection for everyday use, or try out a hydrating hand mask for intensive moisturizing. Browse the selection of body moisturizers to find scented or unscented hydrating hand creams that suit your needs. JCPenney has just the right moisturizing hand cream for you.

Foot Lotions

Shop JCPenney for moisturizing foot creams and put your best foot forward. Find smoothing creams and hydration treatments just for feet. Look for formulations made to fight dry skin on the feet, or try out a hydrating foot mask for the ultimate in foot skin care. JCPenney has moisturizing foot creams and lotions to keep your feet feeling great.

Paraben Free

Look for body moisturizers and creams made with the formulations you want. Check out the selection of paraben free creams and lotions. Browse the collection for sulfate free formulas or look for ones that contain vitamin C. Whatever sort of body lotion or cream you need, you'll be sure to find it in the great selection of body moisturizers at JCPenney.