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Everyone can agree that it’s nearly impossible to cram everything you need into your suitcase while traveling. There are clothes, shoes, medications, toiletries… the list goes on and on. And no matter how organized you are, there are always items that must be left behind because there just isn’t enough room. One way to pack all your essentials is switching full-sized products with travel-size items to save on space. This way, you won’t have to worry about choosing which of your precious products you should leave behind. JCPenney has carefully gathered travel-size makeup and product favorites for you. Explore and discover mini perfume sets, travel-size sunscreen, mini eyeshadow palettes, and more. These products are gathered from brands you trust, including Clinique, Versace, and Bobbi Brown.

Travel-Size Makeup and Products That Are Perfect for Style on the Go

The travel season is upon us, making travel-size beauty products a must-buy. These products are also ideal for those of us who want to try something new without breaking the bank. Reduce waste and save money by trying a travel-size item first, and don’t feel bad tossing it if it doesn’t work for your unique needs. At JCPenney, you can find Marc Jacobs mini perfume sets, Armani Beauty travel-size cologne, Supergoop! travel-size sunscreen, and more. There are tons of travel-sized cosmetics, makeup brushes, and makeup removers as well. And it’s not all about skincare–we’ve got hair care and styling products too! Shop these products at unbelievable prices with free shipping only from JCPenney.

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