Juniors Shoes on Sale at JCPenney!

From athletic shoes to cute flats, get juniors shoes on sale right now at JCPenney. You’ll need at least a few new pairs to go with all those cute outfits you put together during the last juniors clothing sale, and at these great prices, you’ll be able to afford a pair of cross trainers for workouts, some classic Converse for casual looks, some flats for professional style and some devastating high top sneakers to show off just how well you can wear practically anything. Sometimes, a new pair of shoes is all it takes to breathe new life into a tried and true outfit.

Flats and Boots for Juniors Now on Sale

From boots with fur to flats for juniors, shoes are on sale now at JCPenney. Versatile enough to wear on an interview or chilling after school, flats are all the rage. Choose from brands like Keds, Arizona and Wanted for some great flats for juniors options to go with all your new outfits. If you need a pair of board-gripping flats, check out canvas favorites by Vans and Chuck Taylor at JCPenney and stick that kickflip just right. With different colors and patterns in stock, you’ll be completely in style the whole time.

Stock up on boots for juniors that you can wear all year long. You don’t have to wait for the cold to wear ankle or knee high boots. Since they come in a variety of colors and materials, you can pair them with anything and wear them with just about anything. Strap some lace-up boots over some tight leggings for a casual and comfortable ensemble, or rock some ankle boots with fur cuffs over some slim fit jeans and a fur vest and brave the cold in an exceptionally warm outfit. Pick up a few pairs of pumps and get a head start on footwear for your future professional self. Admissions interviews, job appointments and other occasions where dressing to impress is imperative, a few solid pairs of high heels for juniors can really come in handy. Find even more styles in our shoes department!