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Shop Kids' Shoes In All Styles and Sizes

With all of that running around, your kids are bound to wear through their old shoes more frequently than you'd like. It's time to resort to better shoes for kids that they deserve. Durable yet supportive athletic shoes for kids will let them work off their boundless energy in comfort and safety, while easygoing flip flops and sandals are a must for fun trips down to the pool or the beach.

For those choice occasions where they need to look their best, we've got all the best dress shoes and formal footwear to complement their outfits. A pair of black dress shoes for boys or a simple black mary janes for girls can go with any outfit and be worn any time of the year. Your daughter will feel a little bit grown up wearing a shoe with a small heel, and your son will love wearing formal shoes that look just like his dad's. Trust us to tend to your entire family's footwear needs.

Boys' Shoes and Girls' Shoes for Active Kids

He'll love having a nice new pair of kicks to run around in! Browse through all of his favorite brands and styles coming in all different sorts of colors and patterns. Classics such as Thereabouts and Nike are sure to be winners, while he'll appreciate features such as easy Velcro straps and durable rubber outsoles for maximum traction. He deserves boys' shoes quick enough to keep up with him!

There's no better feeling than starting off the day wearing a fresh new pair of shoes for girls! Let her enjoy this every day with the help of our exciting selection of sneakers and girls' shoes that she'll look forward to wearing. Shop vibrantly colored flats and casual shoes for everyday wear. Take a peek at athletic shoes from Fila, Nike, and Adidas for dependable performance during even the most strenuous of play.

Slip-On Shoes Make Getting Dressed a Snap

Maybe you're teaching a toddler how to get dressed independently and want to do so with the fewest hassles or just would rather not deal with laces and straps when putting shoes on your child before going outside. In these cases, slip-on shoes are the perfect solution. From flip-flops to ballet flats, we have slip-on shoes you and your child will love and feel comfortable in. Check out top brands like Carter's and Disney.

Some of the slip-on kids' shoes we carry are for specific types of weather. For example, find sandals that include matching sunglasses, both of which are perfect for sunny days at the beach. Also, discover durable rain boots that keep feet dry so you can let little ones go out and play even in less-than-perfect weather. Some of them even have loops on the sides, making them easier to pull on. The calf-high length also works well if you know your kid somehow always finds the deepest mud puddles and likes to play in them. Since the boots go up past the ankles and onto the legs, they keep kids well protected in wet weather.

Footwear That Suits Life's Activities

At JCPenney, we also have purposeful shoes for different activities. Buy some sturdy basketball shoes that lace up tight and give good traction through all the fast-paced action on the court. Adidas and Nike are just two of the well-known brands you'll find in our inventory. Purchase ballet flats, too, especially if one of the younger members of the family has aspirations of becoming a professional ballerina or dancer someday!

We understand how important it is to be able to find shoes for your kids that help them enjoy all the things they love to do even more. When you shop for kids' shoes today, we'll make your shopping experience pleasant and fulfilling.

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