Show Off Your Bold Personality in a Pair of Women's Red Boots

When you want to add extra color to an already beloved outfit, step into a pair of women's red boots. A daring alternative to neutral footwear, they make a strong statement and let you proudly display confidence wherever you go, whether you're checking out the new Indian restaurant downtown with a best friend or going on a coffee date with a partner during his lunch break. JCPenney has a range of appealing options to suit your needs.

Red Rain Boots Keep Your Feet Dry and Comfortable

Spending hours in soaking socks because you walked through a puddle in non-waterproof boots isn't fun because it feels like you're sloshing through liquid with every step. Prevent that common problem by pulling on a pair of water-ready women's red boots before going out in the rain.

Find dependable pairs with slip-resistant soles. Even if you have to dash across slick sidewalks to make your way to the bus stop on time, you don't have to worry about losing your balance. At JCPenney, you'll also find high-rise styles that go up past your knees. These styles feature buckles at the top to give you a snug fit that keeps moisture out.

Buy Beautiful Booties

If you're already a fan of the popular, low-cut shoes known as booties, you probably know that they're among some of the most versatile shoes around. Dress up this sophisticated type of women's red boots with a pair of tailored pants and a solid-colored blouse for work or wear them on the weekends with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt from your favorite band. The options available in our collection give you ample inspiration for any event on your agenda.

Discover possibilities covered with velvet, floral fabric, and more materials. You'll also find versions with buckles, zippers, and ties. Besides adding aesthetic touches, these features make sure these boots give your feet adequate support so that they don't slide around as you walk.

Turn Heads in Over-the-Knee Boots

Think back to the last time you pored over the image-filled pages of a fashion magazine. You may recall seeing runway models self-assuredly flaunting their over-the-knee boots. These boots have rapidly gained popularity, and they're great for wearing during evenings out.

Choose from women's red boots with spiky or square heels, with some of them available in wide widths as well. Explore footwear with buckles and ties at the top that allow you to easily put on these boots and fasten them securely.

Whether you're on the hunt for women's red boots for a special occasion or you're looking for a pair to become your next go-to pair of footwear, JCPenney makes it fast and fun to buy them online.

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