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Find Summer Makeup Essentials Only at JCPenney

Vacation is always fun, but don't let the sweltering weather wear you down. Stay fresh and add a little summer fun to your beauty routine with JCPenney’s collection of vacation beauty essentials. When you're spending the day having fun on your vacay, makeup melting off your cheeks should be the least of your worries. We know that for a few, the concept of makeup for a beach day might sound alien. We’re here to tell you that your beauty routine can adapt to any season or occasion with just a few tips and tricks. You can never have to give up on it with JCPenney’s summer makeup essentials. From makeup sets to summer scents, we have it all.

Cool Beach Makeup Ideas

The most important rule – always apply sunscreen. Discover our wide selection of sunscreen for the face and body. Even if your makeup has SPF, layer your skin with sunblock before applying makeup to ensure a solid protective layer. Next, apply a light bb cream and keep things natural with a bronzer that’s just one shade darker for a natural tan look. Use waterproof products to keep your makeup locked in place all day, and, if you're going into the water, be sure to keep your look light and breezy. It's time to show off your best features and grab everything you need from our travel makeup essentials. Shop now and save more with JCPenney.

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