Find Supplies for Homeschooling at JCPenney

It's shaping up to be a different kind of school shopping this year for many students. With the possibility of remote learning again on the horizon, buying the traditional paper, pencils and backpacks might not cut it. Set your child up for learning success by outfitting your home with the best workspace you can. Any room in your home can be transformed into a classroom atmosphere. Provide kid-sized furniture: a desk and a sturdy, comfy chair for starters. Next, give all those papers, art projects and old-fashioned writing utensils, rulers and calculators a handy place to stay with storage and organization bins. Help keep kids on track in style with an academic calendar planner or journal. It's amazingly helpful to write down assignments and due dates.

Stay Up to Date with Technology & Science

Having a dedicated space to work at home doesn't always ensure that it's quiet. Minimize distractions and maximize sound quality with audio accessories, such as earbuds, headphones and wireless speakers. And, when it's science time, go all out with experiments—hands-on learning kits let your budding scientist really discover the coolness of the world around us.

Include Fine Arts & PE into Your Lessons

Just like in typical schools, fine arts and exercise play vital roles in developing well-rounded students. Band or choir anyone? Learn how to play a musical instrument at home through virtual lessons, or sharpen those vocal cords by amplifying the sound with a microphone and speaker. Art classes can continue with any random craft supplies, colors or markers you have around the house or you can purchase an all-in-one set. And, since we all realize the importance of exercise and fresh air these days, schedule time for getting up and moving throughout the day. Take breaks outside—walking, running, riding a bike or even skateboarding. Before long, your kids will be in a routine that's a healthy balance between learning and playing.