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Toys always have a special place in any kid's heart. They have the ability to shape their childhood, imagination and build loads of memories. JCPenney brings you a wide selection of Pixar-themes clothing for your kids. Bring movie characters to life in their wardrobe with Pixar graphic tees and shirts. Let them feel like a racecar with a Cars T-shirt, or reach for the sky with Toy Story tees. You can also find cute and adorable Pixar watches from The Incredibles, Inside Out, and more. We even have a cozy collection of Pixar pajamas for their nighttime adventures. And be sure to check out our bathroom essentials for kids, including soft bath towels, or just keep swimming with a Finding Dory bath rug.

Find More Pixar Toys and Dress Up Costumes

In addition to clothes and accessories, we have your kid's favorite Pixar action figures. Welcome the new sheriff in town when you pick the Toy Story Woody action figure. Save the wild west with this deputy – and when you pull the string, Woody will recite his iconic phrases straight out of the movie. If outer space is more your kid's speed, fuel their imagination to infinity and beyond with Buzz Lightyear action figure. You will also find a variety of Pixar dress-up costumes for your kids. Whether it's a costume party or you're shopping early for Halloween, select Woody, Buzz Lightyear, or The Incredibles costumes. Whatever Pixar Merchandise you need, JCPenney has you covered. Shop now and save more!

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