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The Levi’s® brand is a staple of American fashion, and their signature Levi’s® blue jeans are worn by just about everyone. They’re stylish, durable, available in a variety of cuts and washes, and can be dressed up or down for nearly any occasion. Levi’s® jeans have stood the test of time, but Levi’s® isn’t done innovating yet. That’s why they’ve introduced WaterLess® jeans.

Traditional raw denim jeans are extremely stiff, and they’ve historically provided the perfect amount of toughness for miners, bikers and cowboys. These jeans would last years and become softer and more form-fitting as you broke them in. The color, fade and creases would also become unique to each pair of denim jeans, depending on what you were doing while wearing them. Today, modern jeans give you that washed, broken-in look right off the shelf, but the finishing process involves massive stone-washing machines that use a lot of water.

To reduce their own water use and combat water scarcity, Levi’s® has developed an open-source WaterLess® technique to make jeans with—you guessed it—less water. Instead of massive washing machines filled with water and detergent, they use a thimble of water and some ozone, or they’ll tumble jeans with bottle caps and golf balls instead of fabric softener. The end result is the same Levi’s® jeans you love, just made with less water. Shop Levi’s® WaterLess® Collection at JCPenney in your favorite cuts and colors, and save online with free shipping!

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