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Levi Jeans for Guys at JCPenney

The inventor of blue jeans has the market cornered, and when it comes to Levi jeans for guys, JCPenney has every style, every cut, every color and every option for every man. Like you, Levi Strauss & Co is driven by hard work, creativity and strong values. When you zip on a pair of Levis, you feel the work and innovation that went into the making of comfort and style.

Guys Levis by the Number

The best way to find the best fit for you is by checking out the number. Levi uses a classic three-digit numbering system to organize fits, cuts and styles so you know at a glance exactly how that pair will fit you. For guys, the number is pretty straightforward and accounts for the overall fit—waist rise, leg opening and seat fit. For the most classic, straight leg style, try out the 501 Original, complete with a slim fit and the original button fly. From the original 501’s to the loose fitting 569’s, you’ll find a style of guys Levi’s that you’ll love enough to buy over and over again. More likely, you’ll find that many different styles give you the fit and look you want. So get them, the 501’s and the 517’s. Get more than one of every style, because when you’re shopping at JCPenney, you know you don’t have to wait for a sale. You can get great deals on Levi jeans for guys every day.

In addition to the many styles and cuts of guys Levi’s we have, JCPenney also offers a full line of guys Levi clothing, including twill pants, denim and cargo shorts, shrink-to-fit jeans and denim and faux-leather jackets. Whether you’re completing your wardrobe or completely starting over, Levi has got your number. Come get yours at our men’s clothing collection.

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