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Melissa & Doug Toys for Children of All Ages

Whether you're searching for toys for babies or young children, when you turn to Melissa & Doug, you'll find quality and educational toys that will help imaginations grow and minds learn.

The Beginnings of Melissa & Doug

Melissa and Doug Bernstein founded Melissa & Doug in 1988 in their basement and Doug's parents' garage. The co founders said they wanted to leave their corporate careers and start their own business that involved children. Three of their four parents were educators, and they understood the value of imaginary play when it comes to learning. So far, the company has created over 5,000 toys with an emphasis on dress-up play, arts and crafts products, wooden puzzles, and other types of educational toys.

Toys for Babies

Babies are just beginning to learn about the world around them, so they have special needs for their toys. With Melissa & Doug, you'll find toys designed just for these needs. There are plush balls that help babies practice coordination by rolling and cloth books that are an ideal way to introduce your baby to reading. All these toys come with bright shades so your baby can start learning colors right away.

Options for Young Children

Melissa & Doug also has a great line of toys perfect for young children. To encourage imaginative play, stock a box or trunk with dress-up clothes from Melissa & Doug. You'll find popular options that include a doctor, firefighter, magician, chef, and veterinarian. If you have children who love arts and crafts, you'll find an excellent selection of paints, paper, stamps, stickers, and more. For the young musicians in your life, toy musical instruments will help them create their own tunes.

Education Toys

Along with toys for imaginative play and creative fun, Melissa & Doug also offers plenty of educational toys. There are blocks and puzzles that can help kids learn numbers, colors, letters, shapes, animals, and more. For older children, consider games that teach them about balance or flash card sets that will help them memorize important concepts from each grade level.

Fun for Outside Play

Melissa & Doug doesn't just make toys for indoor play, you'll also find great options for taking the fun outside. There are toys for digging, molding, and shaping in the sandbox. You'll also find a fun assortment of kickballs in bright colors. There are bubble blowers, toys for fun games of catch, and play gardening tools. You can even find child-size chairs that are the ideal spot for rest and relaxation when they wear themselves out.

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