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Shop Toys for 8-to-10-Year-Old Kids at JCPenney

When kids are in the age group of 8 to 10 years, they experience a tremendous growth spurt in emotional, physical, and cognitive development. They love to engage in elaborate fantasy play, perform science experiments, or play in groups. Some may start to identify as "athletic" or "artistic." And so, in the interest of exposing them to new things, JCPenney has carefully gathered several toys that help them interact with others, entertain, and educate. So, whether you're shopping for a toy to gift your kids on their birthday, a holiday, or any special day, you can find many options here.

Toys that Nurture Creativity and Imagination

Since 8-year-old boys and girls are becoming more physically adept and independent in their problem-solving, they prefer toys that nurture their creativity and imagination. That means they're ready for more complicated indoor games, board games, dress up costumes like Disney Princess, and action figures. They will be keen to play with toys for big kids like Beyblades by Hasbro, electricity set by Discovery Kids, or gadget building sets by Lego. Basketball and badminton sets are other great options for a sports enthusiast.

From Nerf blasters to Zootopia brain teasers, or Rapunzel costume for girls and Buzz Lightyear costume for boys, find them all at JCPenney. Shop for these fun toys online at affordable prices with free shipping available.

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